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Enjoy the beautiful rivers, Tara and Drina  and have an unforgettable experience !  
This uniqe family bussiness and knowlege has been passed from generations to generations in the same family for exactly hundred years …

Choose to take part in one of our raft trips, and you’re in for a great day out on an ethnic log raft, with a traditional Bosnian food and drink , Bosnian music and lots of fun!

This exceptionally beautiful George with its steep faces reaching up to 1400 meters is the deepest in Europe. The Tara George is scarcely populated, in most parts impassable and still in its untouched natural state. The crystal clear Tara is one of the last rivers in Europe with absolutely pure drinking water. Our experienced raftsman steer our log rafts safely through its white waters and numerous rapids. During the trip you can swim, sunbathe, try your skill at steering the raft, or just relax and let your thoughts wander.

Take a look at the pictures and words are not needed…..

Arrangements are on the ALL INCLUSIVE basis and sleep over is at the log cabins on the river banksOur trips last from one, two or three days depending of the distance we decide to take.


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