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Recommended schedule possible to change and adjust 

The Bosnian Valley of Pyramids and some other locations are putting Bosnia and Herzegovina high on the list of high energy locations in the world. Healing and positive energy spreads all over those wonderful areas.

Beautiful nature combined with strong pyramid energy, water energy, highly mystical manifestation of these particular locations will make your stay unforgettable.


- your arrival

- transfer to the accommodation at The Valley of Bosnian Pyramids

At the moment this is the biggest archaeological project in the world. Very powerful and interesting.  Something that you must see and feel. Words are just

not enough. The complex contains 4 pyramids, tumulus, labyrinth of tunnels  (it’s been discovered more than one level of tunnels). The most wonderful place for meditation, especially in the tunnels as it is the perfect environment for the human body and soul on the planet.

Depending of your arrival time schedule will be made.



After breakfast you will be visiting The Valley of Bosnian Pyramids. We would visit the following:

The top of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, labyrinth of tunnels  Ravne, tumulus Vratnice, Park Ravne 2       



After nice breakfast we will continue trip to The Stone Ball parks. Stone balls are another interesting and amassing location. They are found all around the world and are usually associated with pyramids.


A few years ago, the biggest stone ball in the world was found in the area. Parks are unique and different place with very unusual and strong energy located in the beautiful nature.

On the way we will stop to visit fortress in Vranduk. This is very important place in Bosnian mid-century history.

After the visit to the parks your trip continues to the Central - Bosnian town of Travnik. Very historical place.


Your accommodation will be at the ETNO VILLAGE.

Beautiful area built in traditional style but with modern facilities inside. Nice spa, salt room, outside and inside pool.  Very good place for a spa treatment or some meditation and time off in the salt room. Recommended.



After breakfast your trip will continue to another very mystical and interesting location. SPLIT ROCK in the forest.

This location has an interesting story addressing power of manifestation, meditations through prayer.

You will hear the full story at the site.


Our trip will continue south toward city of Mostar. Before we will be visiting

Medjugorje, the place where Virgin Mary appears.  Location with lots of energy, mass prayers, a quiet and dedicated meditation spot.                                                                                                    

Night at the hotel by the famous river Buna.


After breakfast:

- dervish house, built in the 16th century on the cliff by the exit of the biggest underground river in Europe, lots of wonderful positive energy from the huge amount of water coming from the ground.


if available at the time you may enter the cave by boat and experience the magic of energy

- next stop is the town of Pocitelj, absolutely gorgeous place, fully developed during Ottoman’s era. Beautiful view, architectural design, very charming surrounding, mosque  dated back to 16th century. Something not to MISS!

- Waterfall Kravice is the next location, just a beautiful sight, in the rocky surroundings an oasis suddenly comes to be



- Mostar, an old city in all its beauty. It is possible to see some young men jumping from the middle of the bridge down into the beautiful and cold river Neretva. One of the famous Red Bull Diving competition locations.. 

Back to Sarajevo via old and small city of Konjic.

Accommodation in Sarajevo. 



Tour of the city and your free time to explore the city yourself.  



Departure per schedule. Transportation to the airport.


The whole trip is on ALL INCLUSIVE BASIS that includes: 

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Entrance tickets
  • Guide at all times
  • Meals as follows:

Day 1 – L/D

Day 2 -  L/D

Day 3 – L/D

Day 4 – L/D

Day 5 – L/D

Day 6 – L/D

  • Spa treatments or any personal preferences, choices or activities of any kind are not included 


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