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BPC has been with the project of the Bosnian pyramids officially since 2010. Our team has personally been following the project since DAY 1.

As we know Dr.Sam Osmanagic since childhood and throughout our lives, we can assure his dedication, knowledge, sincerity and everything he does for this project. This is one of those situations where it’s ONE against ALL.

Our goal is to present this project from the smallest details to each and every visitor. Our approach is not a classical tour speech. Every visitor is our loving friend who deserves to be treated the best.

This is a very specific subject and has to be presented in a certain way. Our history will soon be changed and it is important to have our new generations ready to start appreciating our planet, our ancient ancestors, to respect all living beings and spread love and happiness.

It would be our joy to teach every single visitor how to recognize, feel, enjoy and use this wonderful relaxing and healing energy that is all over many beautiful locations in Bosnia.