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Price: 95 €
Tour Length: Up to 7 hours

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This tour will rejuvenate your body and soul. We will visit the whole complex of The Valley of Bosnian Pyramids. You will hike, enjoy the beautiful nature, and above all visit such a interesting, old, mystical, very energized places that will open your mind. It will naturally raise many questions with unfortunately no answers. It will give you a lot of material to think and wonder about so many things regarding our ancient history.  The most important is that everything you hear and see during this visit has been certified, measurable and proven and that provides totally different approach to pyramids, tunnels and all related subjects.


- Visit the Pyramid of the Sun*

-Visit the complex of underground tunnels “RAVNE” * 

- Visit the Park RAVNE 2

- Visit the Pyramid of the Moon* 

- Organized lunch at the local restaurant or in the city of Sarajevo. 

- Visit The Tumulus Vratnice* 

- Return to Sarajevo 

 Wonderful opportunity to feel the energy, to meditate and relax.


*Entrance fee, lunch and coffee brake included 

* If there is only one person the price is 115 EURO 


* bottled water
* walking shoes
* light clothes
* camera
* hats
* dowsing rod for energy recognition
* tip

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